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Tropical Leaves

Planning on Pheasant Hunting?


Downloadable Grizzly Bear Information 

What to know and what to do when you are active in bear country

A starter’s guide for using
electric fencing to deter bears

It is
recognized as an effective tool that can prevent injury in a wild
animal attack 

We live in bear country.  Get tips and guidance for keeping safe at home and away


Have you heard about Nixle alerts? From weather to bears, Nixle is a Community Information Service that can be gotten via the website Here - or through text on your phone by:

Step 1: Select the Messages icon.

Step 2: Select the Add New Message icon.

Step 3: Enter 888777 in the To field.

Step 4: Enter the Zip Code in the Message field.

Step 5: Press Send.


Suburban Family Home

The Firewise Program can Help you and your family be safe.   Get the scoop here