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History of KVRI

EST 2001

The purpose of KVRI is to serve as a community-led initiative dedicated to enhancing, preserving, and revitalizing the societal, cultural, and environmental aspects of our community. Our members and partners reflect the rich and varied tapestry of our community, united in their commitment to coordinate impactful programs.

In The Beginning – From the minutes of January and February, 2002

Noting that the committee has been formed under a Joint Powers Agreement between the Tribe, City and County - the designated co-chairs include Gary Aitken Sr., Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, Darrell Kerby, Mayor of Bonners Ferry, and Kevin Lederhos, Boundary County Commissioner.


Joint Powers of Agreement


Gary Aitken Sr. shared his expectations for the RAC with the group and expressed encouragement for what can be accomplished.

Patty Perry drew a diagram on the board to outline how the Committee could function.  She expressed the importance of everyone working together to make progress; and noted that much of the expertise needed was present at the meeting.  Any input will be welcomed.


Patty Perry provided an overview of the joint powers’ agreement between the City, County, and the Tribe to work together with community members and agency participants on natural resource issues in the area.  These issues include the development of a TMDL plan for the Lower Kootenai River, Moyie River, and tributaries, development of a Wetland Conservation Strategy, Kootenai River White Sturgeon and Burbot Recovery efforts, and Libby Dam flow elevations.  

The timeline is a synopsis pulled from the minutes of each KVRI meeting from 2001 to the present

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