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Forest Road



Commitment to Forestry Preservation

  • Primary Goal: Dedicated to safeguarding the local forestry resources that are crucial to the community and the environment.

  • Approach Employed:

    • Embracing a comprehensive landscape approach, which means looking at the bigger picture of forest management and not just isolated patches.

    • Engaging the whole community in this effort, recognizing that effective conservation is a collective endeavor.

  • Area of Focus:

    • Addressing a vast expanse of land totaling 800,000 acres.

    • Specifically includes 413,000 acres within the Boundary County National Forest, highlighting the significant portion of land under direct management and conservation efforts.

Image by Matthew Smith

  • Long-Term Vision:

    • To cultivate a forest ecosystem that is sustainable and resilient, ensuring that it can support and benefit the community across economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

  • Strategies for Collaboration:

    • Professional Partnerships: Joining forces with the Forest Service, leveraging their scientific expertise and resources to guide conservation practices.

    • Community and Organizational Partnerships: Building alliances with local organizations, stakeholders, and community members to foster a unified approach to forest management.

    • Restoration Projects: Implementing projects aimed at restoring and maintaining forest health, which serves the dual purpose of conserving biodiversity and enhancing community bonds through shared objectives.

Vision and Collaboration

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